Textile Techniques

abacaxi garments make use of traditional textiles from India and around the world.

Ethical Production Notes

We currently produce with ethical, small independent ateliers in New Delhi and Tamil Nadu in India, with a woman-owned and operated factory specializing in knit and crochet in Peru, and with community makers in Oaxaca, Mexico.

*Celebrate traditional hand-crafted textiles and collaborate with skilled artisans and weavers. We cherish every opportunity to safeguard ancestral, heritage crafts that are slowly disappearing due to lack of industry interest.

*Use mostly natural fibers- organic cotton, regeneratively-grown cotton, linen, silk, and alpaca- which are better for your body and the environment.

*Incorporate natural dyeing processes, returning back to ancient practices that can even benefit the eco-system.

*Upcycle sari material, repurpose tees, and use all wastage materials in new designs whenever possible. Everything is designed with sustainability and inclusivity in mind.

*Make exquisite pieces to keep for seasons, perhaps generations, to come. abacaxi garments are designed to last, with quality finishing and fabrics to endure wear.