Baby Alpaca Thong Legwarmers

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Over-the-knee, thong-style legwarmer socks. For the very desi need to wear flip-flop sandals and embellish our toes. Hand-knit in Peru with the most luxe, thick baby alpaca wool you'll ever find.

We also love this heathered color yarn shade. Alpaca keeps you very warm in extremely cold temps, while remaining cool inside in the warmth- another reason to love this design and cherish it forever.

With an added self-yarn ribbon at the top to keep your leg warmers in place while you walk and move.
100% Peruvian baby alpaca.
Handwash carefully in cold water and dry flat, or eco-dry clean.
Model is 5'7"
Length: 24"

Moth to a Flame

Fall-Winter 2023